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WR10 Variable Attenuator, 0 - 30 dB
WR10 X12 Active Multiplier
VivaTech, A Technology Provider!
Millimeter-wave Frequency Source X12, WR08 Power Amplifier, WR10 Low Noise Amplifier

VivaTech specializes in providing custom solutions for RF & Millimeter-wave applications. Our technical heritage covers more than 25 years since our founding members participated in European and US space programs at ESA and NASA-JPL. Our technological strength plus in-depth market knowledge enable us to address the needs of customers working with millimeter-wave communication test equipment, transmitter and receiver systems, and various fields of scientific research.

Over the years, we have developed high performance and cost effective modules, subsystems and systems covering frequencies in the range 18 to 500 GHz. These include millimeter-wave source modules, frequency extension modules for PNAs and VNAs, custom up-converters and block down-converters.

To meet the challenging and increasing demand for high accuracy mm-wave low noise measurement, VivaTech has pioneered unique Cryogenic Primary Noise Source systems that perform up the THz frequency range. These provide unprecedented accuracy as a primary standard from 26 to 500 GHz.

VivaTech also provides active and passive components including amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, couplers, filters, fixed and variable attenuators, isolators, and horn antennas. VivaTech can develop custom components or component assemblies to your specifications. Our Product Catalogue may be downloaded below. We look forward to being of assistance.